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Scholarship of IUC Program

The Inter-University Center for Korean Language Studies at SKKU (hereafter the IUC or Center) was established as an advanced Korean language training institution for academic researchers, graduate students, and prospective researchers in Korean Studies as well as related professionals.

Applicants can apply for a scholarship that will be provided by the Korea Foundation (KF). The KF Fellowship will provide financial support for two fellowship recipients who are selected up to one year(2 semesters). Recipients are selected each semester through application procedures. The fellowship includes tuition fees, dormitory fee, insurance coverage, and a monthly stipend of one million two hundred thousand Korean won (KRW 1,200,000 won) during their fellowship period.



Selection Proceure

Applicants should indicate whether they want to be considered for a fellowship. The IUC Committee will review applications and send its recommendation to the Korea Foundation, then the KF will review the recommendations and notify its decision on approval to the committee. IUC students selected as to-be fellows should submit a letter of acceptance to the foundation a minimum of 7 days before the semester begins, or the fellowship will be canceled.



Obligation of the Fellows

The fellow shall submit a report to the foundation one month after the end of the semester. The fellows shall also report on their current position and research in Korean Studies to the foundation at least once a year for three years after the conclusion of the fellowship. For those who do not submit reports or do not respond to the Foundation’s inquiries regarding their current position and research, in the future the Foundation can refuse to provide any other KF grants, including fellowship programs.