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Institute of Confucian Philosophy and Cultures



Institute of Confucian Philosophy and Culture (ICPC) was established as one of the three research institutes affiliated with the AEAS in 2000, concurrent with the foundation of the AEAS. The ICPC, specializes in various academic issues related to Confucianism and culture in East Asia. The actual history of Confucian studies at Sungkyunkwan University dates back over 600 years. The ICPC on the one hand inherits tradition from the Old Sungkyunkwan and on the other hand seeks to adapt the traditional East Asian way of thought to the globalized world of today.


One of the ICPC's main aims is to strengthen its resarch methods in philosophical and religious aspects of Confucianism. To realize this aim, seven specialist research groups have been formed according to the institute's main areas of interests: Philology, Korean Thought, Chinese Thought, Education on Humanity and Etiquette, Comparative Thought, Aesthetics, and Social Issues. The ICPC conducts a number of seminars, special lectures and international conferences to operate as the leading academic research institute for Confucianism. The ICPC is also interested in adult education and promoting Confucianism to the general public. Recently the ICPC helped register the Old Sungkyunkwan's Confucian Shrine (Munmyo) as well as its rituals on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.