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Survey Research Center


The Survey Research Center (SRC) was established on March 1, 1997 in the Sungkyunkwan University in recognition of the ever-increasing need for survey research in social science. The Center has accumulated various sets of data covering a wide range of areas, such as social, political, cultural, and economic issues. The SRC embodies two basic missions of production and dissemination of high-quality survey data sets.


As its research mission, the Center generates reliable social survey data with strict guidelines of the survey protocol. The SRC strongly believes that an accumulation of reliable empirical data is a key to a steady progress in social scientific knowledge. As its service mission, the Center disseminates new and existing survey data to active networks of scholars all over the world. For an efficient dissemination of data, the SRC has designated a professional social science data archive, KOSSDA (Korea Social Science Data Archive), as its official data archive.


Since its inception, the SRC has enjoyed strong support from both inside and outside of academia. Particularly noteworthy is the annual implementation of the Korean General Social Survey (KGSS) from the year of 2002. The SRC has already completed 10 full rounds of KGSS data collection (2003-2012).


Since 2003, the SRC has been an active member of the two internationally coordinated social survey programs, ISSP (International Social Survey Program; and EASS (East Asian Social Survey; In the wave of globalization in the area of academic social surveys, the KGSS is trying to constantly incorporate the two module surveys into its larger survey framework.


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