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About AEAS

Director's Message

Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU)

Academy of East Asian Studies


Academy of East Asian Studies(AEAS) was founded on March 1st 2000, in order to promote national cultures and to reinforce international and mutual understandings through researching traditional cultures and modern issues of East Asia including Korea, on the basis of Confucianism.


Sungkyunkwan University, based on the university’s motto of “Su-gi-chi-in” (修己治人 cultivating self-reliance and ruling others), has been focusing on promoting East Asian studies, and to realize a long awaited dream, the AEAS is being elevated to as a Center for International East Asian Studies.


AEAS does not cling to the old academic classification systems and, through integrated-academic research, establishes an integrated system which performing research and education roles simultaneously. It is studying East Asian culture to be a main concern of the international society in 21st Century, in a future-oriented perspective. Also, through the organic fusion between research and education, it endeavors to establish a new academic strategy and produce a original paradigm of research model.


AEAS constantly makes new methodologies for education and establishes East Asian study by managing the Research Cluster, which is an institute of long-term and interdisciplinary studies. Participation of graduates in this Research Cluster and foreign studies make research-education integrated systems. Moreover, since it has affiliated research institutes, graduate schools, undergraduate curriculum, andsupport for information, it produces synergy with the relational unity for each component.


AEAS consists of 4 subordinate institutes to research Confucianism and Philosophy at present. ‘Daedong Institute for Korean Studies’ and ‘Institute of Confucian Philosophy and Culture’ are dealing with Liberal Arts and Humanity oriented from Korean Study. ‘Sungkyun Institute of Chinese Studies’ is dealing with Chinese and Social Sciences, and the ‘Survey Research Centre’ is dealing with making social basic data such as public survesy and conducting related research. There is also Jon’gyeong’gak, a specialized library for East Asian study.


Producing new study methodologies and models through long-term and interdisciplinary institute studies constantly and making the integrated system of convergence through organic associations between research units and education units, AEAS will make its position clear as a leading institute of East Asian Studies both in and out of Korea.


Director of AEAS  KIM,KYUNG HO