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About AEAS


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Establishment goal

Global top in East asian studies research & education center

Intergrating research and education

Leading Korean studies & east asian studies

Becoming a global hub in east asian studies

Fosterning future oriented & creative researchers



Leading Korean Studies & East Asian Studies

Taking the initiative in Humanities and Social Sciences Focusing on East Asia

Serving as a model for Research Centered University

Spreading East Asian Humanities to the Public


Integrating Research and Education

Organic Integration of RC(Research) and LAB(Education)

Diachronic & synchronic integration of East Asian Humanities and Social Sciences

The Integrated System of Network


Fostering Future Oriented & Creative Researchers

Training2-Track (Researcher & Specialist) Professionals of East Asia

Developing as a Specialized University to lead the 21st Century Society


Becoming a Global Hub in East Asian Studies

Expanding Global Networks with Overseas Major Research Institutions

Establishing Database of Korean Studies & East Asian Studies

Communication with Overseas Academia through Joint Research & Education (SJEAS, IUC)