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Interdisciplinary Course for Translating Korean Texts in Classical Chinese


To become the heart of Korean Chinese translation through the best graduate course of Korean Chinese translation in Korea


Education Philosophy

  • To nurture experts with the sight to embrace tradition and modernity by communicating with the society through the systematic organization and academic translation of Korean texts in classical Chinese archival culture heritages
  • To suggest Korean style humanities’ new model merging documents, translation, practice on the basis of humanities knowledge, and contribute to create national agendas of Korean Chinese translation business.


Student Identity

  • A key player able to “academically” carry out the arrangement and translation of Korean Chinese classics
  • An expert able to communicate through the modern reinterpretation of Korean Chinese classics
  • An elite with the creative translation ability to suggest the progressive vision of Korean Humanities



  • Education system to organically combine the traditional document arrangement & translation with the modern academic results
  • An expert able to get over limits and issues of the existing translation
  • Boosting social usage through the translation communicating with society through strengthening the linkages between education and field



  • 53 lectures in 3 areas
  • Translation : 22
  • Philology : 26
  • Contents : 5


SKKU Academy of East Asian Studies (AEAS) ’Interdisciplinary Course for Translating Korean Texts in Classical Chinese’ was established in order to rear specialists translating Korean classics recorded by Chinese character. On July 2007, this course was solely selected as a project for university specialization, ‘Designation Subject Related to Translating Korean Texts in Classical Chinese,’ by Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development, and is running the education program with the greatest professional institute of translating Korean texts in classical Chinese in Korea, Institute for the Translation of Korean Classics (ITKC)(구 민족문화추진회).

When it comes to specialists translating Korean Chinese classics, they can academically conduct arrangement and translation of Chinese classics, socially communicate by modernly reprocessing Korean Chinese classics, and moreover have a creative ability to contribute to the development of Korean humanities through translating Korean Chinese classics.

In order to nurture these outstanding students, AEAS pursues ‘an innovative program of education and research’ according to a new education model related to translating Korean Chinese classics combined with ‘Tradition and Modernity/Field and Learning/Practice and Theory.’

According to the wholehearted support of the Education Ministry and SKKU, diverse education programs are supposed to be provided to all students such as financial support, studying abroad, etc.

This course is taught by around 20 instructors from 8 departments related to the translation of Korean Chinese classics (Korean Literature in Classical Chinese, Classical Chinese Education, Confucian and Oriental Studies, Korean Language and Literature, History, Chinese Language and Literature, Library and Information Science, and East Asian Studies) and ITKC. Degree course is running as a 4-year (8-semester) combined master's and doctorate program with students in entrance quota a year, and there are 50~60 lectures in 3 fields such as translation studies, philology, contents and so on.